Causes for Doing Foundation Repair

As the home starts to age and settle, it is inevitable that you’ll be dealing with basement foundation repair. As a matter of fact, the initial step in doing this sort of task starts with the assessment of severity and cause. You have to fix the root cause of the damage first before proceeding on fixing the damage it has caused. Now, after you have rectified the problem, you can proceed on repairing the foundation on your own but better yet, hire a professional contractor who does have specialization in foundation repair like abrybros. There are a lot of things that can lead to basement foundation repair and these may be any of the three.

Number 1. Aging – this is the most common cause of issues with the foundation. In older homes, stones or bricks were used in building basement walls. And then, they are put together using mortar. Sooner or later, it’ll breakdown which causes older walls to sag and begin to leak. Doing foundation repair can be done easily in case that the stone or brick basement walls have retained its structural integrity.

You have to chip out old mortar and replace it using tuck pointing trowel. In case that the walls are sag, you may need to either replace it or join it in a foundation of concrete. Both processes have to be done by a licensed contractor to do repairs.

Number 2. Repair – this can be a cause or sign of damage to your basement foundation. In the event that there’s water in the basement, you must look out for cracks in walls. Cracks have to be repaired ASAP if ever you’ve seen one. If you are living in colder climates, then your basement’s foundation is more susceptible to this sort of damage due to freezing and thawing. You can also repair small cracks by using a kit which includes sealer.

For bigger cracks, there will be a kit that can be bought in the market but it is advisable to contact a contractor who has specialization in performing basement walls foundation repairs. It’s due to the reason that large cracks can mean a possible structural damage to the foundation’s load bearing pieces.

Number 3. Seepage – this may happen because the waterproof coating was incorrectly applied on the basement’s exterior walls or if the coating has worn off and needs to be applied again. To perform foundation repair on this kind of issue, you need to re-grade the earth to ensure that water flows away from the basement foundation. You have to re-apply the sealant to walls or in less serious case, apply waterproof paint on the interior walls would be enough. Find out more here abrybros foundation repair dallas.


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